GP & Sons has a strong reputation and ability to complete projects on time, within budget without compromising safety, with this GP & Sons is supported by:


  • A strong professional management team.
  • An experienced demolition team.
  • An experienced Asbestos removal team.
  • The provision of regular training for all team members.
  • Committed forethought when it comes to the approach of works.
  • Committed forethought when it comes to the execution of works.
  • The retention of all licences for all areas of work.
  • The retention of insurance in all areas of work.
  • Proven successful methods of undertaking complex works.
  • A proven record of the completion of successful projects.



GP & Sons holds the appropriate licenses issued to the relevant legislative bodies ensuring that works undertaken are being carried out by a business that has provided evidence that they are capable, experienced and able to carry out the works required.

  • Demolition of buildings or structures.
  • Asbestos removal of non-friable and bonded materials.
  • Environmental (transport and disposal of wastes and management of works)

All team members also hold the necessary individual licenses and tickets to ensure that they are fully equipped and able to carry out the works and participate in regular training and recertification to ensure they are at the peak of the industry.


GP & Sons holds a DPTI 4MN rating and is one of the small handful of demolition industry related companies to hold this rating.


GP & Sons maintains insurances for all works undertaken, providing you with the knowledge and assurances that in addition to GP & Sons being capable of carrying out your project, GP & Sons is covered.

  • Public liability.
  • Asbestos liability.
  • Fleet.
  • Machinery and plant.
  • Work cover.