At GP & Sons our strengths lie in the talent and commitment of our people, our team.

GP & Son is able to boast a diverse range of team, mixing seasoned professionals with new, up & go talent. Our team encompass a board range of skills, knowledge and unwavering commitment to the GP & Sons way ensuring quality, safety and environment are met at all times. We engage and promote those with skills, experience and technical qualifications within our management structure. Our careful team selection ensure our project team are of the highest calibre makeup for on-site teams providing a motivated safe and innovative approach to all forms of projects.


Our extensive team ranges from apprentices through to project managers, site foreman, estimators, machinery operators, truck drivers, specialist labours in demolition and Asbestos removal and upper management.

GP & Sons has the capability, expertise and knowledge to meet the needs of corporate and government clients, as well as the overall industry needs to be a safe and reliable choice for both the public and private sector works.

GP & Sons is an equal opportunity employer and aims to create a strong family working environment, promoting a safe, well balanced team through encouragement of being involved in every step of the way for various projects.

GP & Sons has a strong and united team which has been extensively developed over the years to ensure successful progression in all project works; this is evident through team comradeship, loyalty, their ability to take pride in their work which is reflected in the overall quality and performance of GP & Sons.